Wes Tank, also known as WC Tank or Wesley Charles Tank, is an independent filmmaker, FAA licensed drone operator, performer and artist who produces with the intent of strengthening cultural ecosystems.  His approach to art is immersive, inclusive and generative. As a freelancer, Tank creates meaningful media with artists, musicians, non-profit organizations, foundations, developers, agencies and community members who focus on 

the arts, culture, education, health and social justice. 

Informed by his experience as a performer, Tank approaches filmmaking by closely

following his subjects from every imaginable angle. His cinematography is choreographed in an

elegant yet humble dance around a character, a landscape or a place. He edits passionately to mix those perspectives with voices and energy.  What you hear and see meets in your mind.

The dance is complete.

Clients and collaborators include the Wisconsin Foodie, Milwaukee Art Museum, Freewaves LA, Hollywood Boulevard Property Owners Alliance, Ascension Helathcare, THIEL Branding Agency, InPower Marketing Agency, SRH Advertising Agency, Artists Working in Education, Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, Riverworks, Running Rebels, Choice Neighborhood Initiative, Present Music, Bookworm Gardens, Backline MKE, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Northwest Side Community Development Corporation, Activate MKE and PEAK Initiative.